About Katrina

Katrina lives in Cork, Ireland with her husband, four active children and a daft dog. A psychology graduate, with a M.Sc. in Human Resources, Katrina spent many years working in multinational companies and can’t believe she is lucky enough now to have a job that involves daydreaming about love and handsome men!

Random facts about Katrina:

  • She grew up on a dairy farm but is a city girl at heart.
  • The first Harlequin hero she fell in love with was a brooding Mexican – so exciting and exotic for a fourteen year old reading it in the depths of an Irish winter!
  • Boston, Massachusetts is dear to her heart as she met her husband there.
  • She believes in love at first sight.
  • She’s obsessed with peonies.
  • Her dream is to have her own writing room at the end of her garden.
  • She can write anywhere but always ends up with her dog lying on her feet, causing pins and needles but she doesn’t have the heart to shift said dog!
  • Coffee cake is her favourite treat … and she inherited the best ever recipe from her mum.
  • She hates running but adores spinning classes!
  • One of these days she’s going to take two months off and go tour the Greek Islands.
  • Love, kindness, family and friends are all that matter.